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60 Years of Precision Craftsmanship
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Old World Artistry
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Recommended by Christian Louboutin
for our shoe restoration expertise
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Your ideal travel companion
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Care Products

Our specially-formulated products are only made with the highest performing ingredients. We have thoroughly tested our formulas to create products with the finest-quality ingredients, and without jeopardizing the integrity of your valuable leather products.


Pasquale Fabrizio

Pasquale Fabrizio is a master cobbler with exacting standards and inspired artistry. His Los Angeles workshop has been universally praised by the top fashion magazines and style experts as “the best shoe repair in the world.”

Shoe and Leather Care Services







Christian Louboutin


Chad Cromer

The best the best the best I’ve been dealing with them for years and they’re fantastic! The customer service the suburban and the product always comes back beautifully

Chad C.

Karl Burkart

I don’t know how they do it. Shoe magicians.

Karl B

Joi J.

Pasquales always manages to exceed my expectations.

Joi J.

Lori M.

The Best Shoe Repair in LA. Pasqualie can fix anything with Craftsmanship you do not find in America. Italian excellence and Unparalleled Shoe Knowledge. Had my Louboutin ‘s Red Bottoms completely Restored. Lina and Pasqualie are Great !

Lori M.

Adele F.

The only place to trust your Louboutins with! They know what they are doing, and it definitely gives you peace of mind, especially when you leave shoes worth thousands of dollars.

Adele F.

G. M.

I was shocked that they look like brand new shoes! I will definitely be a repeat client!!

G. M.

Tanis G.

I absolutely love Pasquale and don’t know what my shoe collection would be like without them.

Tanis G.

Shoe and Leather Care

Premium Sneaker Cleaner
Sneaker Cleaner Kit
Weather Shield - Water & Stain Repellent
Shoe & Bag Conditioner
Leather Care Accoutrements
Clean & Shine Wipes